Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dog Trick Tutorial - "In the Corner"

Above is a video tutorial demonstrating how Nana learned "In the Corner".  Whether pretending to count for a game of hide-and-go-seek, or acting like she thinks she's been a bad dog, this trick is sure to bring laughs and is always a great addition to any dog's repertoire.

Behaviour:  The dog finds a corner between two walls and stands with his nose placed in it until released.

Step 1:  Place a treat on a sticky note and click as your dog eats the treat.

Step 2:  Hover your hand over the sticky note without actually placing the treat on it.  Click and reward when your dog sniffs the sticky note.

Step 3:  Continue to click whenever your dog sniffs or touches the sticky note with his nose.  Do not click for anything other than nose touches.

Step 4:  Place the sticky note on your knee and continue practicing nose touches.  If your dog gets confused, try tapping the sticky note with your finger or go back to doing it on the floor before trying again.

Step 5:  Hold the sticky note up with your hand and practice.

Step 6:  Begin holding the sticky note closer to the wall, then eventually stick it on.

Step 7:  Move the sticky note to the corner of two walls and practice.

Step 8:  Begin clicking for duration of the trick.

Step 9:  Gradually add distance between your dog and the walls.

Step 10:  Remove the sticky note and continue practicing.

Step 11:  When your dog is performing the trick consistantly, add a verbal cue.

- If your dog ever gets confused, go back a step to help refresh his memory.
- Jackpot your dog when he performs a behaviour exceptionally well.
- Always work at your dog's pace.  Never rush through the steps, as this can confuse your dog and be stressful for him.
- Always end sessions before your dog gets bored.
- Keep sessions short and as fun and exciting as possible.

Keep Training Paw-sitive!


  1. I love the step-by-step instructions! I'm going to be speaking at a Pet Expo next week, and I'm going to use you as a resource if people want to learn more about how to teach tricks! :)

  2. This tutorial is so helpful! I'll be looking forward to any others soon!

  3. I love this trick! It's so creative and easy to teach. You are by far an awesome trainer! Keep it up! :)

  4. Cool-I love the way you put the trick in steps! It makes it easy to teach, as well as your other tutorials! Keep up the good work! Nana seems to be quite well with learning new things, too! :)

  5. This is an awesome way to teach this trick! One of our Guinea Pigs learned how to do this trick thanks to your tutorial. :) He can already do it with a verbal cue. This was a great inspiration! Nana seems happy to be getting a reward and new tricks to preform as well. I hope this video (and Blog tutorial) will inspire many other people who would like to teach this trick to a dog-the steps make the trick easy for any animal to learn. I am hoping to see Nana's new tricks soon; she has an awesome trainer! :)