Thursday, January 26, 2012

Introducing: Paris and Viggo

I have been asked by a few people about these two recently on our latest YouTube videos, and I decided it would be best to give you all a formal introduction on them.

Meet Paris the rat and Viggo the ferret!

Paris is a six-month-old dumbo rat who loves being the center of attention.  She absolutely adores Nana, and will sometimes climb onto her back to eat her treats.  She is very photogenic; it is amazing how much she resembles a little model when she poses for the camera, especially while she is wearing one of her cute little outfits.

Paris has been learning several tricks since I have had her with the iClick - she is absolutely brilliant.  Many people are unaware of just how intelligent rats are.  She already has learned some advanced behaviours in such a short time, and she is such a blast to work with.

Viggo (pronounced "VEE-go") is a three-year-old sable ferret I adopted last week from a rescue.  Viggo is such a sweetheart, and he has been settling in extremely well.  When he was first brought to the rescue he was very sick and evidently neglected, but with much TLC, proper nutrition, and lots of much needed attention, he was nursed back to health.  It breaks my heart to know that some people treat animals with such disrespect, not giving them the love that they need.  I am so glad to have been the one to adopt Viggo; he is such an incredible little guy.

Viggo is the sweetest and most mellow ferret I have ever met.  He loves to cuddle and lick, and he is very gentle with everyone he meets.  He will sometimes fall right asleep while I am holding him. :)

Viggo and Kaiser have really grown to like each other.  The two of them spend hours chasing each other around the house, and of course, Nana will always go running after them to join in on the action.  He is such a clown; the hilarious things he does makes me laugh every day.

Stay tuned for more from Paris and Viggo!

Also, if you are interested in adding a new member to your family, please remember to visit your local rescue first.


  1. Paris and Viggo are adorable. I love that you clicker train your small critters too. Not many people realize how smart pets like rats are. Good work on spreading the word. I hope to see more of these cuties.

  2. Paris and Viggo seem like such calm pets! It's amazing that you can train them and they will perform tricks that a dog might attempt. I've taught my guinea pig how to stand on his hind legs, run through a log toy, and I am currently working on getting him to climb over my leg. :) Animals are so much fun to train; I wish you luck with your pets! ;)

  3. Paris and Viggo are so cute! I hope to see more of their appearances in your videos!

  4. Cute! I love Paris and Viggo! It's amazing how you taught these 2 small animals to do so many cute tricks. Keep it up! :)

  5. Paris and Viggo are very cute! I heard that Paris is now 2 years old. Happy (belated) Birthday, Paris! I'm pretty sure rats can live for a few years, so I'm glad Paris is having so much fun with Clicker Training over the past years. :)
    Viggo also had even learned some tricks! Small animals are harder to train than dogs, so it's pretty amazing that you trained Nana, Kaiser, five rats, and two ferrets many tricks. Over his life, I enjoyed watching Viggo's appearance in "Nana's 5th Birthday Party." Viggo and Paris both played great roles in that video! :)

  6. Happy 2nd Birthday, Paris! We heard that you are sick now. :( Good luck! ;)
    From Peanut and Buttercup the guinea pigs :)

    1. Aside from her mammary tumor (which is getting removed on July 31), Paris is doing very well and is healthy and sprightly. Thank you for your well-wishes; I am hoping her surgery goes smoothly and she recovers quickly. :)