Sunday, June 24, 2012


Nana and Kaiser's official website,, just got a new makeover!  I have at last finished the majority of the updates.
I have added some new pages to our site, including official pages for Paris the rat and Viggo the Ferret, and a Q&A page for reading and submitting questions.
We hope you enjoy our new and improved website!


  1. I love your blog; also your website and YouTube account! You make so many inspiring videos, and they make me laugh every day. Thanks for sharing these!��

  2. I've been to your website, and it's great! Keep training, Nana and Kai!

  3. Awesome job! All of your pages are VERY good. :) Keep up the incredible work! :)

  4. Amazing website! I love checking it out every once in a while. It's especially great to see what's new when you update it! I also like looking at the Questions and Answers pages-sometimes when new questions are added I like to see what they are. :)
    I can't wait for your next video! Awesome job training your animals as well;they are so smart(each and every one of them)! It's always great to spread the word of positive training! :)