Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kaiser the Amazing Bengal Tricks

Kaiser the Bengal cat performs a handful of his incredible cat tricks. I teach Kai using exclusively positive reinforcement and clicker training.

Kaiser is actually performing every one of these tricks. None of the videos are played in reverse; he really is walking backwards.

Kaiser is an amazing cat with an incredible disposition. He is great with my rats, enjoys going for walks, playing in the bath tub or in his water dish, and he thrives on doing tricks! I love Kai beyond measure.


  1. Kaiser is super smart! I really enjoyed watching the video; you have trained your animals well. ;) I hope to see more videos of Kai and the gang! Keep Training Paw-sitive! :)

  2. Kaiser's cat tricks are very amazing! He is super smart and probably my favorite of your gang. :) Kaiser has learned many tricks since his last video; it is amazing how he can wait for traffic (that was one of the best tricks, in my opinion) because I've never seen a cat that can do that. :)
    Nana, Paris, and Famous are excellent as well. I'm glad to see that Paris is doing okay, considering her upcoming surgery. Thank you for sharing this video-it inspires people to use positive methods with their cats! :)

  3. Kaiser has improved so much! He seems to really enjoy performing his tricks and it looks like he loves spending time training. Kaiser seems like a true member to the family, and I'm sure he always brings a smile to your face! (I know he does to mine!) :)
    Paris and Famous also look like "crowd pleasers." They must get along with the gang well! I'm glad that all of your pets get along as if they were one big family. :)
    Keep up the awesome work! You are a great trainer and I'm looking forward to your next video!

  4. Kaiser is the indicator of a wonderful trainer… Patient and full of love… Respect to your efforts..

    Do you think any cat breed can do these tricks or it depends on the cat's personality.. I know Bengals are active cats (the border collies of the kitten world) but I don't know the potential of Siamese cats or Scottish Folds etc?

    1. Any cat has the potential for learning these tricks regardless of breed, age, size, etc. :)