Sunday, June 15, 2014

Nana the Border Collie's Amazing Balancing Tricks

Nana the Border Collie performs a handful of her incredible balancing stunts.  All of Nana's training is done with positive reinforcement and clicker training.

I have included some old and new tricks in this compilation.  And yes, Nana got to eat all of the treats at the end (she loved them!).  Make sure to turn up your volume for this video.

Music:  "In the Hall of the Mountain King" by Edvard Grieg.


  1. Wow. Nana is totally amazing!! What a smart, beautiful girl!

  2. It was a joy to view Nana's incredible (and rather rewarding) balancing behaviors! You could almost play a dog treat game of Jenga with her. Of course, she would earn the treats in the end! :)
    In addition, I agree that the music goes well with the video; it seems to capture the suspense and excitement of the overall behaviors. :)

  3. Nana is such a talented Border Collie! Your new videos never cease to surprise me with her intelligence. It must take lots of patience, concentration, and self-control for Nana to master such amazing balancing skills.
    Keep Training Paw-sitive! :)

  4. I love you very much Nana you are my favorite border collie.

  5. really really nice :D now we´re inspired to try out some of Nanas tricks :)
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