Sunday, November 3, 2013

Facebook Update

Due to impersonators, I have very reluctantly decided to create an official Facebook page for my animals.  The primary purpose of this page is for speaking directly with these impostors.  Please note that I will not be active on the page, so if you wish to contact me do NOT do so via Facebook.  You will not get a reply.  The page only exists because of impersonators and I will not be using it.  If you wish to contact me (especially for business purposes), do so either via YouTube (username NanaBorderCollie), my website (, or you could even leave an anonymous comment here on my blog (  I am always active on these sites and you should receive a reply from me.

The following is a link to the animals' page:

Please report the fraudulent pages and send them the link to this page.   As well, if you could report these pages and communicate to the owners that I would like their pages removed, I would be extremely grateful.

The FAKE pages are the following:

Thank you all for your continued support.  New videos on the way! :)


  1. Thank you for the update! Hopefully, you can contact the imposter and Facebook will find a way to remove the fake account. I wish you luck and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for when everything will be back to normal; good luck! :)

  2. Despite that you don't like having to create a Facebook page, I am actually glad that you have created one. You can now tell the impostors that they are just copying off your page. I just looked at both of the links and saw that one of them (Nana-Border Collie :3) posted that they weren't you and that they had been telling people that. Some of the dogs weren't even Nana! Does that mean that they're not an impostor, or have you been getting messages that they have told people that they are you? I wish you luck! :)

    1. Unfortunately, the majority of the people following the "Nana-Border Collie :3" page are from foreign countries (namely, non-English and Polish speaking countries) and simply do not understand this person when they state that they are not me. I wish they would just translate their messages, but it is what it is. Thus it is these people who, despite having been told otherwise, still believe that this person is me. And this is one of the reasons I wish for the page to be removed (the other primary one being that many of the photos used on the page are mine and used without permission).
      I have tried to communicate with this person that I would like their page removed, but they will not listen. I need all the help I can get to communicate to them as they seem rather stubborn, unfortunately.
      Thank you very much for your support! :)

  3. It is possible you tell to someone of copyright about it?
    These photos are yours, so you should have copyright even you're not registered like a photographer, right? I don't know... I'm just saying, If you've some copyright you should to talk with someone about that service. Plagiarism is crime and they are doing this with you!
    And it's not just it... Nana's your girl, just yours. I think If I was in your position I would go crazy! My animals, are one of the most important thing in my life. It already happened with me once so I know what's the feeling.

    Hope you can stop these people.

  4. So why aren't you into Facebook? Why create a facebook page just to answer those fakes, if you are going to do it, why not make it real and and put effort into it. you have a big you tube following, and you should be able to easily build up a big FB following that would in turn increase your you tube following. Why not just go for it. It doesn't make any sense to me

  5. And not only that, but you have set up the facebook page so no one can leave a comment, and you have posted nothing to it. You have a hundred something likes and given no reason for anyone else to like the page. It is a complete waste of space. It is really a shame because i am sure your real fans would love for you to have a real Facebook page that they could follow and share with their friends. I hope you will reconsider. Make it a success and you will drown out the fakes. you could easily get 50,000 followers with a little effort.

    1. You raise an interesting question. There are far more reasons than I have time to detail upon which my decision regarding the Facebook page is based -- the first and most salient being that the time required to learn the operational and management aspects of the site, much less the regular utilization of it, is spare time that I simply do not have. My life is busy, to say the very least, from sunup until sundown -- be that by working, travelling, managing my business, fostering animals, or caring for my own animals. It would be an insurmountable burden to even attempt to manage a Facebook page in addition to my YouTube channel, blog, and Flickr page, which presently brim my plate to the point of it becoming onerous. I would much sooner be spending this precious time with my animals and enjoying life's tangibility than to be tackling yet another social media site for the mere purpose of gaining views and fans.

      The basic concept of Facebook has never piqued my interest nor has it tickled my fancy. Its contribution to my life and my work would be minuscule, and highly disproportionate to the amount of time drained on its utilization and management; time that I could be, and currently am, instead spending establishing my career and making priceless memories with my animals during the time that I have with them.

      It was with immense hesitation that I went so far as even creating a page. I have disabled the comments, yes, for the purpose of minimizing the overwhelming amount of messages I receive on a daily basis, which currently numbers several hundred per day (not just from fans, but also from TV shows and other business inquiries, clients, friends, and family). Filtering through these e-mails and replying to ones that warrant a response is an arduous daily task as it is. Adding further messages to this flood through the use of Facebook would ultimately deem the task starkly unmanageable.

      I am sorry to say that I am quite adamant in my decision against pursuing the use of the site. There are numerous other reasons for this of course, but my free time is far too precious to spend it detailing each and every one of them. I only ask that my decision be respected as I respect the differing sentiment of others. If many regard the page as "a complete waste of space", so be it. Potential "likes" and followers are of no importance to me as I prefer to place my values in the greater things in life that constitute the heart of "the big picture" -- such as my relationship with my animals. I hope you understand and I apologize for any disappointment.

  6. hi!
    been a fan of your animals for a while now, and started training on the "walking on frontlegs" trick with one of my own dogs, but i can't get it to work...maybe you can explain how you trained nana to do so, and maybe have some tips for me? my dog is a 2.5 year old frisian pointing dog, witch i train using the clicker.


  7. Hi!
    I am a big fan of your videos and how you train your animals so well. I have a male rat that i have tried to clicker train and i know i have to do click treat, click treat as a starter to get him to figure out it means a treat, but = it doesn't seem to work. I was wondering if you were going to do how to videos or if you could give me any tips? Thank you!